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Travel Light: Why You Should Skip the Suitcase

You guys. It’s Spring. Like it’s really, really Spring. You can see it and feel it and smell it. It’s literally everywhere. The days are getting longer, baseball has started, and even the desert is in bloom. And while Spring is all well and good, it also means that Summer, sweet Summer, is just around the corner. And, for most of us, summer means vacation and vacation means travel. Amirite?

This summer I have at least one trip planned for every month except June. Most are weekenders and all are domestic, but they all take planning just the same. Luckily, for short trips like these I almost never check a bag. I learned to travel light long before the airlines started charging for checked bags. (Don’t get me wrong, I still overpack but not nearly as much as I did 10 years ago.)

Packing Cubes

First let me tell you why I travel light, then I’ll tell you how. The why is simple really; it all comes down to time. There are few things I dislike as much as having to wait for a bag when I’ve just touched down. I’m either setting out on an adventure or I’m returning home, and, either way, I’m eager to get where I’m going. I’d much rather leave a pair of shoes behind than risk the extra 20 minutes. Call me impatient, if you will, but by now we all know that time adds up quickly.

Deuter Act lite

Now for the how. For whatever reason, I’ve resorted to duffel bags for as long as I can remember. When I first started traveling, they were often bigger than me, and only one had wheels. As the distances I traveled got farther, I quickly realized large duffels weren’t making my trips easy on me. Now if I have to check a bag, I take my Deuter Backpack. And up until last year, I was still swinging a small, old duffel from Target over my shoulder when I needed to travel light.

Cabin Zero backpack

At least until Cabin Zero reached out to us to try their latest backpack and packing cubes. The 44 liter has as much space as my favorite duffel, but it unzips almost completely so you can see practically everything you’ve packed at once.

Cabin Zero Packing Cubes

If you’re a pack rat like I am, between this and the packing cubes, you can stay perfectly organized in a small space without having to unload your belongings.

Big enough for boots and small enough to count as a carry on. (But don’t take my word for it– you should still check with your airline for their specific requirements!)

So far the only downside I’ve discovered with the Cabin Zero bag is that it’s hard to carry when I have another backpack. I often take a smaller one to carry my laptop, wallet and other knick knacks, and I can’t exactly put two backpacks on my back at once. Still, I’ll take a little awkward shuffling in favor of a baggage claim any day. If you want to try Cabin Zero for yourself, use the code CZAWATB to save 10%.

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