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Nicaragua Family Travel Guide

While traveling through Central America with my family this summer, we’ll be checking out the beaches of Panama and swinging from ziplines in the jungles of Costa Rica.  When we head up to Nicaragua, we’ll be slowing down and learning about the country’s history and rich culture.

If you’re considering traveling to Nicaragua with your family, start here with my Nicaragua family travel guide.

map of nicaragua

Top Things to See and Do in Nicaragua

Starting at picturesque little San Juan del Sur and stretching north towards El Salvador, Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast offers plenty to do and see for the entire family. From lazy days on the beach to viewing unique jungle wildlife, the secret of Nicaragua is out. This is an awesome place to visit, especially for families.

San Juan del Sur is a small coastal town in Nicaragua that is a wonderful family vacation spot with tons of things to do with kids.

There is plenty to see and do in Granada Nicaragua for the whole family. This city is an ideal base for exploring the lake’s islets, hiking to a volcano and visiting nearby communities and markets. Here are my family’s top 6 things to do in Granada Nicaragua.

If you’re planning on visiting Ometepe Island Nicaragura with kids, there is plenty to do. Make it a day trip from Granada or spend a few days on the island for even more exploration. Here are the top three things you must do while visiting Ometepe Island Nicaragua with your kids.

Specifically in Nicaragua, we’re keen to explore the history and culture of Central America. But we want to be sure to keep the pacing and the activities on the journey kid-friendly and interesting to them. I’ve uncovered a few cultural and historical sites in Nicaragua that the kids will actually enjoy!

Where to Stay in Nicaragua

Ometepe Island is a must-visit if you’re traveling around Nicaragua. This volcanic island offers a ton to do with an authentic, laid-back atmosphere. Thanks to it’s remote location, the island only accessible by ferry boat, the island has retained it’s authenticity and rustic charm. But while there are plenty of hotel, only a few are really suitable for family travelers. Here are my picks for best hotels on Ometepe Island for families. 

Nicaragua Travel Tips

Nicaragua is set to become the next big thing. But of course with that comes change. So NOW is perhaps the perfect time to visit Nicaragua. As my family gears up for an epic adventure through Central America, I thought I’d share some of the research I’ve been doing with regards the best Nicaragua travel itinerary for families covering Granada, Ometepe Island and the Pacific Coast.

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