RHA MA390 Travel-friendly headphones

Travel-friendly Headphones: RHA MA390 Wireless Earbud Review

Good headphones are essential, especially for travelers. Whether they’re for running, taking work calls, or drowning out airport noise, travel-friendly headphones are easily a must-have item on any trip.

In fact, I always have headphones within reach, even when I’m staying local. Because I work remotely, I need to be able to take a call or narrow my focus wherever I am. So regardless of whether I’m working at home, on the plane, or a noisy coffee shop, I find a good pair of travel-friendly headphones are worth the investment.

Man on public transport with wireless headphones

Of course there are different kinds. Justin has a pair of noise-cancelling, over-ear, bluetooth headphones from Samsung that he loves so much he even uses them for naps. But I personally find them to be too big. They take up almost an entire pocket in his backpack, which can be critical space when you’re traveling.

And while I have a pair of trusty UrbanEars, I recently got my hands on a pair of RHA bluetooth® in-ear headphones. These are admittedly my first pair of wireless headphones because I’ve always been worried about having to charge another device.

RHA MA390 wireless headphones for travel

Here’s why the RHA MA390 earbuds are travel-friendly headphones:

  1. They fit comfortably around your neck without an annoying cord to get caught or tangled
  2. The bluetooth connects to the phone display and shows you how much battery is left
  3. They’re lightweight, compact, and flexible, with a magnet that closes the loop for extra security
  4. They come with different size earbud covers so you can easily find one that fits you best
  5. They charge quickly and have long-lasting playback (up to eight hours on a full charge)
  6. They’re sweat-resistant and have easy-to-reach controls for when your phone is tucked away

Awesome as they are, they’re unfortunately not quite perfect as travel-friendly headphones. Despite high sound quality overall, I noticed some crackling when the treble gets higher than usual. And charging is still one more thing to think about and keep handy when traveling. However, the price makes the RHA MA390 earbuds a good bargain for solid headphones.

Do you have a favorite pair of travel-friendly headphones? Tell us about them in the comments!

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