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Kyiv Restaurants With the Best Views

Ukrainian people are known to be very hospitable and friendly. When visiting Kyiv, don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample a range of culinary experiences and take in the amazing views the city has to offer. Come summer, you can join in the locals as they dine al fresco.

Many travelers are surprised by the variety of food available very inexpensively by American standards.

My friends at Kiev Apartments has offered their four recommend places to dine that offer the most breathtaking views of the city below.

Mr. Zuma

This restaurant is known to be one of the most innovative in Kyiv. It has a perfect location. You’ll have a chance to taste high-quality dishes, because its chef is Lloyd Roberts. He owns restaurants “Nobu” in New-York, Moscow, Budapest and “Mr. Zuma” in London. All the dishes are prepared from the best products. The restaurant imports from Japan beef, king crabs, Jumbo shrimps and various sauces: yuzu, dashi soy tosazu, yuzu – truffle and other. They use an only grill in the city, which is called robata. It is made by ClayOven Company (London). The technologies used on the kitchen are unique.


As for cocktail menu, it was developed by Darren Sam. You will be fascinated by a breathtaking view from the restaurant, which gives a chance to observe a historical part of the city. Its terrace is a must-be visit place in Kyiv. You will be suggested a la carte menu together with tasting sets omakase in 4 variants, which can match 4 drink sets. After several months of opening the restaurant has become quite popular among the people. It’s considered to be a status place with the reputation of a “closed” elite club for those who value Asian culture and cuisine.

Address: Kyiv, Sportivna sq. 1a, Gulliver mall, 5th floor

Tel: +38 067 466 52 90

Delivery: +38 044 502 49 49

Bar on 8

The restaurant is found on the 8th floor of the hotel and offers an unbelievable and breathtaking view on a historical part of the city. You can observe St. Sophia’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral. In a warm season its terrace is found to be the main place for rest, offering meal in the open air. The main feature of the restaurant is its oven for grill, which is the basis of all the dishes. They have tandoor oven, used in various world cuisines, which prepares a perfect grill of any sort of meat, fish and even seafood. This makes all the dishes unique and distinctive from those prepared on the charcoal. The oven doesn’t dry products; they preserve tenderness and juiciness with different roasting extent for guest’s request. You can order fascinating pork, chicken and lamb mulwarra barbecue, steak rib-ah, tandoori prawns, Scottish salmon and pork ribs.


As for desserts their main ingredient is Italian ice-cream. You’ll be surprised by a great choice of sweet dishes. They have various cold desserts in glasses, fruit desserts: berry tiramisu, cheese cakes, vanilla and apple crème brulee and an amazing fruit cake.

What is the most extravagant about ”Bar on 8”, that you can order dishes of both Ukrainian and world cuisine. There is also a captivating selection of wines and cigars, which complement the main menu. The terrace has big umbrellas from the sun and. When it’s cool, they switch on the heaters and give their guests warm blankets.

Address: 5, Alla Tarasova Street, Kiev (Kyiv), Hyatt Regency Hotel

Tel: +380 44 581 12 34

Matisse Restaurant

“Matisse Restaurant” is the combination of style, comfort and contemporary European cuisine. It’s situated on the 15th floor of CITYHOTEL in the center of Kyiv. It’s a captivating place to enjoy splendid atmosphere and delicious cuisine. The restaurant offers a new modern way of service, which is so common and popular in the whole Europe – Community Chef. Community chef considers every visitor as not a client but a real guest and tries to satisfy all his need and wishes. A panoramic terrace has a laconic design in beige colors. There will be no noise on the 15th floor from the streets.


Besides, the kitchen is open to visitors; one can observe the process. There are many Ukrainian, Russian, French and Italian dishes. One can also visit a wine room which offers different drinks. While having supper you can choose a part with panoramic wall to observe the sunset. It’s really a perfect place to meet with friends and have a chat without any hurry atmosphere. It is also great for romantic dates.

Address: Kyiv,Bogdana Hmelnitskogo str. 56A15 floor of CITYHOTEL

Tel: +38 044 393 59 29

Tel: +38 067 233 88 33

B-Hush Lounge Bar

This lounge bar is found in the very center of Kyiv. Its panoramic view is really a unique place in Kyiv. Some say that it is the best in the whole area to observe a historical part. It’s great to sit here in the evening and enjoy the light of the city. In a warm season the guests can sit in a splendid terrace with 270˚ around. As for menu, it is made of Asian and European cuisines. The bar is also famous for its unique cocktail menu and hookahs. The most famous hookah here is “Medusa”. One can see many different DJs and singers on its loud parties.


This bar is considered to be one of the best places of Kyiv beau monde. One can see only stylish people here, who come to enjoy live music. If you are eager to hold a private party, you can use VIP-room. You can also book this bar for holding various presentations, family gatherings and romantic dates.

The interior design is quite refined and relaxing. One can rest from a hectic city here. Its doubtless service will make you amazed. It is one of should-be-visit places in the capital. Don’t lose a chance to enjoy this incredible atmosphere!

Address: Kyiv, 11th floorV. Zhytomyrska st. 2A, InterContinental

Tel: +380 (44) 219 19

Tel: +380 (67) 473 38 02