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Things to do in Alicante for Families

If you’re traveling around Spain with your family, be sure to make a stop at Alicante. This dynamic, attractive Spanish city is know for the stunning Castle of Santa Barbara, a vibrant “old quarter” and long, beautiful waterfront.

And it’s very possible to explore this city for less than $250 per day for a family of four. Hop on one of the cheap flights from any major destination in Europe, and rent a car from the Alicante airport for the best way to see the sights at your own pace. Rental cars in Alicante will cost about $40 per day.  Consider a home stay in Alicante for a wonderful view into living life like a local

Here are some great things to do in Alicante for Families.

Castle of Santa Barbara

Head first to the Castle of Santa Barbara (Castillo de Santa Barbara). The Castle of Santa Barbara is a large fortress built in the 12th century to fortify Alicante and the surrounding area. The Castle is perched high on Mount Benacantil in the centre of Alicante and is open to the public. Guided tours are available for about $4 per person.

castle of santa barbara

San Juan Beach (Playa de San Juan)

Next, drive down to the San Juan Beach (Playa de San Juan). Located to the north of Alicante, this beach is lined with restaurants, cafes and bars, making it a perfect stop for lunch.

Then head down to the beach for a relaxing swim.

Canalejas Park

Next, as the afternoon stretches on, head over to the Canalejas Park. This is the oldest green park in Alicante, created in 1886. Kids will love running around here, and also checking out their huge collection of rubber plants, fountains and even the map of Spain carved in stone.


Rent an Airbnb for Affordable accommodations

Rent an Airbnb for your nights in Alicante. There are plenty of apartments by the seaside with pools from as little as $115 per night for a family of four. Pay close attention to guest reviews to ensure the condo or apartment is away from the noise of the club and party scene.

Island of Tabarca

Spend your next day exploring the Island of Tabarca. The Tabarca Island is located about 11 nautical miles from Alicante. This island is a designated Mediterranean marine nature reserve, and is also one of the smallest, permanently inhabited islands of Alicante. Spend the day relaxing, snorkeling and swimming.

alicante for families

Alicante Marina

Then, head back to the mainland and spend the afternoon relaxing at the Alicante Marina. The Alicante Marina is packed with restaurants, cafes and a shopping centre. Grab something to eat and kids will love spending the afternoon watching the yachts and private boats coming and going.

alicante marina

Fly out this evening or spend one more night in this beautiful seaside town.

Have you been to Alicante? There’s plenty more to see, like any one of these 15 ideas. We’d love to hear about your favorites!