Family Travel Brand Ambassador Program

Align your brand with the face of family travel.

Take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity to showcase your company, service and products to a large audience of affluent, travel-planning Moms.

Partner with A Week at the Beach as a Brand Ambassador to benefit from a respected, unbiased 3rd party endorsement and gain access to a powerful community of family travelers.

How Does This Brand Ambassador Program Support Your Marketing Strategy?

A Week at the Beach is a travel blog dedicated to inspiring busy Moms to make more time for travel. With over 35,000 engaged monthly readers and a vibrant social audience producing over half a million impressions each month, this Family Travel Brand Ambassador program places you squarely in front of affluent Moms who are actively looking to book travel.

every Brand Ambassador relationship is customized, but often includes some or all of the following;

  • Blog content produced for your site every month
  • Corresponding content published on A Week at the Beach
  • Content topics and keywords managed in custom reporting spreadsheet
  • Linking between posts to enhance your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Your company news, special offers and other content promoted to nearly half a million travelers each month

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