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Yonderbound Hotel Booking Engine Review

I’ve been hearing about Yonderbound for a few months now. Travelers and travel bloggers whom I admire have been raving about this new hotel booking engine.

In addition to having a slick and simple hotel search interface, this booking engine allows you to save hotel options to what they call a Yonderbox and then easily share this collection of possible hotels with your fellow travelers and collaborate to select a final hotel to book.

Use Yonderbound to Find and Book Hotels

The first step is to set up a Yonderbox. It’s easy to upload a photo, and add in some description about the trip you’re planning.

Then, like most hotel booking engines, enter in dates and number of travelers. I love how easy it is to search for multiple rooms at one time.

yonderbound hotel booking

For example, on an upcoming Mexico family vacation we’re traveling as our family of four, plus Grandma and Grandpa in a separate room. With Yonderbound it’s simple to enter those details and ensure the search results will only return hotels that can accommodate the dynamics of our group.

Yonderbound displays hotel search results in a Pinterest-like feed. The profiles are beautiful and detailed for each property, and not overwhelming as you can select when you want to see more results.

Share Selected Hotels with Travel Companions

After researching hotels and adding some options to your trip’s Yonderbox, it’s easy to share with your travel companions.

yonderbound hotel booking engine 2

Simple click the “share” icon and you can send your travel companions a link to view the Yonderbox and associated hotels.

Make Money on Yonderbound to Fund Your Travel

Now, here’s the interesting twist. You can MAKE MONEY to support your travels on Yonderbound.

Yonderbox users are able to search the Yonderboxes, or collections of hotels. If your Yonderbox inspires someone to make a hotel booking, then Yonderbound passes along a slice of the profits back to you!

Unfortunately, at this time you are not able to withdraw this money in cash. However, you amass these credits and can use them on future hotel bookings via Yonderbound.

Give Yonderbound a Try! 

Yonderbound is definitely worth checking out next time you are doing hotel research and booking online.

Because this is still a relatively new hotel-booking engine, Yonderbound wants to encourage users to test it out and see what they think. As an incentive, they are offering everyone a $10 Yonderbound credit that you can put towards your next hotel booking. Claim your credit here to get started with Yonderbound!

Have you booked a hotel with the Yonderbound hotel booking engine? What did you think?