pinrose scents review

Travel Tip: Pinrose Review

I am a minimalist traveler at heart.

Carry-on only. One pair of shoes. Multi-purpose clothes.

So needless to say, aside from a few Nordstrom samples here and there, perfume rarely makes the cut when comes to precious luggage space.

But when I recently heard about Pinrose I was intrigued.

Pinrose is basically the Warby Parker of perfume. These luxury scents come direct to you at a fraction of the cost of brand-name perfumes because they are not sold in stores, therefore cutting out the middleman.

And better yet for all you traveling mamas, their scents come in “petal packs” which are single use wipes that are lightweight and easy to pack. Which is why I wanted to write this Pinrose review.

pinrose review

Want to get started? Head over to and take the scent Quiz. It only takes a minute, and you answer some fun questions about what kind of music you like and which landscape you’d rather be admiring.

So in theory you could find your perfect scent and order up a bunch of that on their site. OR you could order the starter pack and try them all! I’ve never really been a signature scent kind of gal, so the starter kit is a perfect option for me.

And at 25 petal packs for only $24 it’s a crazy good deal!

My starter pack arrived in the mail just in time for me to try out Love Bug for date night. And I loved it! There was plenty of scent and it lasted all night. The package tells me that the scent is comprised of cocoa, pomegranate and amber. I love that they share this usually top secret, scent-combination information!

pinrose review

And here’s a TRAVEL TIP: The petal packets smell good even after the wipe is out and used. Simply throw the empty packet in a suitcase or your laundry bag while you’re on the road to keep things smelling fresh!

Have you tried Pinrose scents? Which one is your favorite?!


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