Consider Carefree Resorts for Your Family’s Summer Vacation

When talking to busy Moms about family travel, the number one reason they state for not traveling more often as a family is money. And I’ll be the first to admit travel can be expensive.

Airline tickets alone can really add up for a family of four. But travel certainly does NOT have to be expensive.

There are SO many ways to travel cheaply as a family. Things like camping, staying in vacation rentals over fancy hotels, and picking inexpensive destinations are all easy ways to stretch your travel dollar.

Which is why I was thrilled to hear from my friends at Carefree Resorts and RV parks. Carefree Resorts and RV parks, with locations around the country with a large number throughout warm weather and beach destinations like California, Florida and Texas, offer a unique way to get a lot of bang for your travel dollar.


You can rent an RV and bring it to one of these parks, book a vacation rental in the park, or even purchase a home in one of the Carefree Resorts and RV Parks.

Which ever option you choose, you’ll have access to a kitchen and be able to feel at home with your family, which makes for a more relaxing summer vacation than being cooped up in a hotel. In addition to being in some beautiful, warm locations, Carefree Resorts also offer guests a complete line-up of activities every day.

This is called the Carefree lifestyle program. Kids will love the playgrounds, games, watersports and at some resorts, and I love the Carefree Kids summer programs offered at some of the resorts. Complete with themed weekends, organized crafts and activities, these programs are a great way to keep kids busy while parents enjoy lazy, relaxing days by the pool!

If this sounds like an ideal getaway for your family this summer, check out Carefree’s “Start Your Journey with a Passport to Savings” offer. When you book 3 nights you get one free!


Thank you to Carefree Resorts for sponsoring this post, I’ve loved learning about this great program and think you will too!