keystone snow fort

Keystone Snow Fort and Ice Skating

Keystone Mountain, one of the four Vail-owned resorts in Colorado, is perhaps the most family-friendly ski resort in Colorado.

With green and blue groomer runs on the front side of the mountain, and big bowls and more advanced tree runs on the back side, there is plenty of terrain to keep the whole family happy.

In addition to world class skiing, Keystone offers several fun things for kids to do.

Keystone Snow Fort

Located at the top of the River Run Gondola, this massive castle made entirely of snow and ice has become a kid-favorite in recent years.

keystone snow castle

Every year, the design of this snow fort is a little different. In past years the snow castle at Keystone has had a massive ice throne and a labyrinth of icy walls. This year’s snow fort at Keystone includes two separate mazes that end with slides.

keystone snow fort

Walk up to the second level and gaze over the wall for an amazing view over the back side of Keystone mountain towards Breckenridge ski resort.

keystone snow fort

If you are skiing and have a lift ticket, there is no additional charge for admission to the Keystone Snow Fort. If you are not skiing, you can purchase a “foot traffic” gondola ticket for $10 per person per day. With this ticket you can ride the gondola to the top, play in the ice castle and have lunch at the top of the mountain. This is a fun way to spend the day even if you’re not skiing!

Keystone Ice Skating

Ice skating at Keystone is another magical, non-skiing thing to do at Keystone Resort.

If you’re driving, park at the Keystone Conference Center parking lot (located on the opposite side of Highway 6 from the main resort) and walk under the highway in the pedestrian tunnel. This is the easiest way to access the skating rink.

skating at keystone

Head to the large Keystone Ice Skating rink and enter through the Keystone Adventure Center.

Here you can purchase tickets for ice time, and rent ice skates as well as trainers (the walker-type devices for small children) and even hockey sticks and pucks.

keystone ice skating

Your ticket gets you access to the ice rink for the entire day, so if it’s a nice day out consider skating early and then also returning after the sun sets for a different perspective complete with holiday lights and festive music..

My kids loved every minute spent on the ice, and even though we were there on a very cold day they didn’t want to leave! This ice rink is the largest Zamboni-maintained ice rink in North America!

keystone ice skating

If ice skating at Keystone is in your plans, be sure to travel between December and February. The ice rink closes by early March as the weather starts to become too warm.

skating at keystone

Here is more information on pricing and other services with regards to ice skating.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Dercum Square Ice Rink, located in the River Run base area near the River Run parking area, also has outdoor ice skating in a smaller setting.

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Have you played on Keystone’s Snow Fort or been Ice Skating at Keystone? I’d love to hear about your experience!


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