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Unexpected Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a mecca for sun worshipers, especially during these winter months as the polar vortex continues to terrorize parts of North America.

With plenty of hotels in Cabo San Lucas, from large, all-inclusive resorts to intimate vacation rentals, this beach destination truly offers something for everyone.

While lounging on the beach or poolside is typically the top priority for most travelers, you may be surprised to discover some of these unexpected things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

Explore Mexico’s Thriving Arts Scene in Todos Santos

Located about one hour north of Cabo San Lucas, the town of Todos Santos is a desert oasis. This charming town, complete with authentic colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, exists in the middle of a vey harsh, dry climate.

However, the nearby Sierra Laguna Mountains receive abundant rainfall that in fact nourishes several organic farms, groves of mangos, palm trees and papayas throughout the Todos Santos area.

todos santos

Many of the town’s original brick buildings have been transformed into hotels, art galleries, shops and unique restaurants. Additionally, Todos Santos is known for it’s thriving arts scene, and hosts a popular Art Festival every year in February.

Be sure to stop in for lunch or a cocktail at the famous Hotel California, a boutique hotel with only 11 rooms, or head over to the La Casita Tapas & Wine Bar, for specials like caramelized scallops, tuna sashimi, or sea bass served in a palapa-roofed dining room.

Get Up Close and Personal With Sea Lions

Book a tour to visit Espiritu Santo Island, just outside of La Paz Bay, where you can snorkel with sea lions and visit a marine sanctuary. The island is home to five species of mammals and reptiles, including a ring-tailed cat, black jackrabbit and a ground squirrel that are unique to the island.

mexico island

This full day tour will take you by boat to the island, where you can then explore by snorkeling and kayaking between the thirteen bays.

You’ll be joined by a naturalist guide who is an expert on the local plants and wildlife including several species of cactus and migratory birds. Explore the south and southeastern end of Espiritu Santo Island where you can collect the very best sea shells.

Experience a Safari in Mexico!

Book an Outback and Camel Safari, which is perhaps the most unexpected adventure you can have while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Board Unimog trucks, multi-purpose 4×4 vehicles made by Mercedes-Benz, and journey deep into the heart of the Baja Outback.

The Baja Outback lies at the confluence of two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes, and the landscape is dotted with cactus and miles of golden, deserted beaches. On the Outback and Camel Safari, your guide will show you the area and educate you about the area’s towering cardon cacti, ironwood trees and desert flowers.

End the day with a fun camel ride in Rancho San Cristobal followed by lunch and drinks.

This post is part of the #HipmunkCityLove project. For more information on flying into Los Cabos, check out this article I wrote on Hipmunk. Image credits Flickr.