best hot springs for kids in costa rica

Best Hot Springs for Kids in Costa Rica

Thanks to a significant amount of thermal activity, Costa Rica is dotted with a large number of volcanoes and thermal hot springs. These hot springs, which come in every size, shape and temperature imaginable, are a fun way to experience another element of Costa Rica’s amazing natural beauty.

It is definitely worth building a hot sprigs experience into your family’s Costa Rica itinerary.

Some of these hot springs have been developed into resorts; luxurious day spas with swim up bars, and others have been left a bit more natural. The best and most well known thermal hot springs in Costa Rica can be found in La Fortuna/Arenal area as well as Rincon de La Vieja.

But not all hot springs are made equal when it comes to visiting with children. Here are the best Costa Rica Hot Springs for families.

And regardless of which hot springs you choose, it is absolutely imperative that you make a reservation for the day.

So if you’re traveling to Costa Rica with kids, here are the best hot springs for kids in Costa Rica!

The Springs Resort and Spa

The Springs Resort and Spa is one of the biggest hot springs in Costa Rica in terms of number of pools and size of the complex. Start in the coolest 87-degree pool pool and progress to warmer pools until you reach the hottest one at 102 degrees. There are 18 total pools on site.

best hot springs for kids in costa rica

Kids will love the water slide, as well as the wildlife preserve with rescued jungle cats, monkeys, sloths, wild turkeys and a variety of birds on site.

The price of admission into The Springs Resort and Spa also includes access to Los Perdidos Springs, also called the Heliconia Walk. This nature walk en route to the Perdidos Springs is lined with 150 different species of flowering Heliconias, a jungle plant native to the tropical Americas.

You can opt to stay at the resort, or visit this hot springs for the day. Day passes for guests not registered at the hotel are available for $40. These passes include entry to the hot springs and the wildlife preserve and access to four restaurants and five bars on the property.

Eco Termales Hot Springs

With only seven pools on site, the Eco Termales Hot Springs is much more quiet and tranquil than some of the larger hot springs in the area. In fact, this hot springs does not accept more than 100 guests at a time to maintain a low-key, crowd-free experience for all guests.

best hot springs for kids

Spend time in each of the seven pools, and finish in the one with a waterfall that reaches temperatures up to 105 F.

While there is no hotel on site, plan on enjoying the restaurant serving authentic family-style Costa Rican dishes.

Baldi Hot Springs 

With a spectacular 25 pools on site, Baldi Hot Springs is also a resort. Located in the heart of the rain forest, this resort welcomes families and kids of all ages.

And kids love Baldi’s three large water slides as well as playing under the waterfalls throughout the property.

best hot springs for kids in costa rica

Follow the path that snakes throughout the property to reach pools with increasing temperatures the higher up you walk in elevation.

While at Baldi hot springs enjoy two restaurants, three swim-up bars, a sauna, 8 acres of colorful tropical gardens, and 32 rooms for overnight guests. I’ve also heard great things about the on-site spa here.

Titoku Hot Springs

Another small, low-key hot springs experience, Titoku Hot Springs has 8 hot springs on site and only allows 80 people into the facility at a time. One of the best things about this hot springs is the impressive views of the Arenal volcano from the pools.

Titoku is located right next to the Baldi Hot Springs.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs is considered by many to have the best hot springs. However, while many of the other hot springs have magnificent views of the volcano from the facilities, Tabacon does not.

best hot springs for kids in costa rica

Like The Springs, Tabacon has a hotel on site but the hot springs themselves are open to guests and non-guests alike.

Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park

One of the newest attractions in Arenal, this is an actual waterpark. Combining water slides, man made pools and natural hot springs, this is much more of a manufactured water park experience than the other hot springs mentioned. But if you have kids who need to burn off some energy on waterslides or very young kids who would love a splash pad and toddler-perfect play area,consider a visit to Kalambu Hot Springs.

Want more? Check out our family’s complete Costa Rica itinerary here.

Have you visited a hot springs in Costa Rica with your family? Which one do you like best?


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