copper mountain ski school review

Copper Mountain Ski School Review

Copper Mountain offers great value for money when it comes to lodging and an all around amazing mountain experience.

And the Copper Mountain Ski and Ride School is no different! This ski school offers great value for a solid educational experience.

Start Your Copper Mountain Vacation With a Ski Lesson

Particularly if you’re traveling from out of state, it’s a good idea to start your ski vacation with a lesson for the kids. What they will learn over the course of the day will set them up for a much more enjoyable vacation in the mountains.

copper mountain review

Both group and private lessons are available throughout the season. My kids were lucky enough to take advantage of a private lesson when we visited the hill in December. While all-day private lessons at $609 in the heart of the season, Copper Mountain offers them at half price in December.

So if you’ve ever thought about splurging on a private lesson for your kids (or yourself!), consider heading up to Copper Mountain in December to kick-start your season.

Dealing With Pre-lesson Anxiety

My 4-year old is a good little skier. He’s starting to come into his own and enjoys skiing with the family.

But he tends to get very anxious when he knows he’s going to be in a lesson for a whole day. Of course, he always ends up having a blast and is all smiles at the end of the day, but the anxiety pre lessons can be really stressful for both of us.

We headed to the Ski and Ride School drop-off around 9:15am ahead of the 9:30am lesson start time. My son’s complaining escalated as we approached the building.

The sign-in process is smooth and efficient. We were handed tickets and sent out to wait by one of the many ski school flags in front of Jack’s restaurant.

Within minutes we’d found our instructors. After a quick hello, both instructors were down on their knees for an eye-to-eye chat to get to know the kids. This really helped ease my son’s anxiety about the day of ski school.

Next, the kids were shown a sled, pulled by a snowmobile, which is used to transport ski-schoolers around the hill. The promise of this fun ride was another exciting thing that took my son’s mind off his anxiety about the day.

copper mountain ski school review

Smiles all around. We quickly swapped cell phone numbers and left the kids in a great mood.

Instructors Who Call Copper Home

The ski industry is notoriously transient, with any one resort employing hundreds of young people from around the world looking to have fun, earn some money for the winter season.

And while Copper Mountain isn’t totally different, a number of their instructors have been around for a long time. For example, my daughter’s instructor has been working at Copper Mountain since 1992!

copper mountain ski school review

This kind of experience and tenure makes for a very special experience. The instructors at Copper Mountain Ski and Ride School are professionals and really love their jobs.

What Do Kids Learn in a Lesson?

I only learned to ski as an adult, so have always wondered what kids actually learn in an all day ski lesson.

While I can pry bits and pieces from kids after a lesson, it’s not always easy. Which is why my hubby and I jumped at the chance to take a few runs with our daughter and her instructor mid-day.

copper mountain ski school review

One of the most interesting things the instructor told was his philosophy about helping kids understand, feel and manage every surface of their skis. When they get comfortable to using and feeling every surface, it becomes easier to make quick corrections to avoid falls while on the hill and sets them up for a lifetime of success.

To help this, my daughter was learning to turn 360 while skiing, experimenting turning on steep side hills (almost like a snowboarder would) and was “picking up snowballs” with the tips of her skis. All fun for her and apparently very educational too!

We had an excellent experience at the Copper Mountain Ski and Ride School. Especially with their early (November – early December) and late (April) season deals on private lessons, it’s a great opportunity to get the kids into a lesson so you can spend the day exploring all the terrain of this fabulous ski resort!

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