Best Time of Year to Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, and particularly the miles-long stretch of beach in Carolina and Isla Verde, is popular year-round for travelers looking to spend time at the beach. The average temperature in Puerto Rico stays very consistent between 75° to 85°F year-round. Combining this ideal temperature, world-class beach and ease of access for American travelers, it’s no surprise Puerto Rico is a popular destination.

However, depending on your travel style there may be better times than others to travel to Puerto Rico.

Music Lovers Flock to Puerto Rico in January

Music-loving travelers will shouldn’t miss the annual Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian. This festival is a massive street party held in the neighborhood of old San Juan and lasts for a full four days each January. The San Se festival, as locals call it, opens with a colorful parade through the streets of old San Juan, followed by live music spread out on four stages.

Culture Aficionados Don’t Miss Puerto Rico’s Carnival Celebration

Puerto Rico’s Carnival de Ponce is an annual weeklong celebration. The celebration begins with a colorful parade, decorated floats, costumes, lots of music and a general party atmosphere.

Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival de Ponce is the final celebration before the beginning of Lent in Catholic religion. However in recent years this highly-attended celebration has turned into a week-long celebration.

A highlight of the festival is the vejigantes. These traditional Puerto Rican characters are masked, colorfully dressed, clown-like characters, wearing paper mâché masks with scary teeth and horns.  They supposedly chase away the evil spirits as they tap parade bystanders with soft balloons. 

Sun Seekers Head to Puerto Rico in April

For assured blue skies and minimal competition for beach chairs, consider heading to Puerto Rico in mid-April to early June. These months fall immediately after the busy, peak winter season and just before the rainy summer months.

During this time you might be able to catch the Saborea festival. This newer festival includes a culinary focus, highlighting Puerto Rican food and rum. Held at Escambrón Beach each April, the Saborea festival features tastings from thirty Puerto Rican restaurants per day. Also stick around for the rum, wine, beer, and distilled spirits tastings and spend time speaking with over fifty international and local culinary personalities.

Budget Travelers Score the Best Deals in Fall Months

Heading south during the fall months of October and November are a good idea if you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Carolina Puerto Rico. 

Don’t be surprised to book a resort on the beach for around $130 a night. To save even more money on accommodations, consider skipping the ocean view to find and book hotels as low as $80 per night.

October through to March is also a time of year when fishing is at it’s best in Puerto Rico. Catch Blue Marlin, Allison tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and other deep sea fish only twenty minutes off the San Juan coast.

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