Playa del Carmen Pinterest Board

How to Plan Travel Using Pinterest

As a travel blogger I am inundated with amazing destinations, new hotels, and travel tips each and every day. And Pinterest, the outrageously addictive social media platform, is my go-to source for housing all of these great travel ideas and tips.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically the online manifestation of the way in which I stored travel information off-line; inspiration boards, folders stuffed with ripped-out magazine articles, my favorite travel photos and articles organized by destination and trip.

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But instead of a messy office, I now have a stunning collection of information AND I can share it with other travelers!

Here are four easy steps YOU can take now to use Pinterest to plan travel.

#1. Set up a destination or “travel occasion” board. First things first, create a board for your upcoming trip. Title it by the destination to which you’re traveling, or by the event/occasion for the trip (Honeymoon, Babymoon, Family Reunion, etc.)

As an example, have a look at this board I’m working on for a 10-year Anniversary trip my husband and I are taking to Mexico later this year.

#2. Start Pinning. “Pinning” is really a term that means curating content.

When you come across something you like, you Pin that to the board you created above. A lot goes into planning a trip; where to stay, where to eat, what to do, best transfer options, what to wear and on and on.

When you find content you like related to any element of the trip, Pin It! Now (like in the photo below), all of these details are stored in one easy location.

Tulum Beach

But how do you find great content? I prefer to search using keywords.

For example for my Anniversary board I mentioned, some of my first keyword searches were for “Playa del Carmen Restaurants”, “Playa del Carmen Music” and “Playa del Carmen Yoga.”

#3. Map it. Be sure to add maps and place pins as you build your board, so you can see the actual locations of restaurants, shops, hotels and more you’re adding to your board.

Do this by clicking ‘Edit Board’ and then enabling the ‘Add a Map’ feature. With the map feature enabled, your board will immediately be accompanied by a map.

You can then view pins in relation to other pins on the map to help you plan your itinerary.

Pinterest Travel Board

While some pins will already have locations associated with them, many do not. But if you click on the “add a place” button at the top of the pin, you easily can search for a location.

Once you’ve selected a location, a pin with a small photo will show up on the map, making it super easy to plot your activities as you plan your journey.

My Tulum, Mexico board is a great example, as you can see the activities, hotels and other sites all plotted on the map.

#3. Find related content. You can also find great hotels, attractions, restaurants and other content related to your pins by following the “…also on” box that pops up after you pin something, like this…

Pinterest Related Content

Also, if you click on any pin, even one that you have not added, you can scroll down to see who else has pinned that content, on what other boards it resides, and way at the bottom a “related content” section. This is a great way to explore for new content beyond simple keyword searching and uncover amazing family vacation ideas.

#4. Collaborate. Travel is fun with friends! You can invite people to join you board, so you can collaborate and plan with your fellow travelers.

Be sure to make comments and notes on each pin, so you remember why you found it useful and what you want to do with that information. Good notes and descriptions keep your board easy to navigate as it grows with content and as you add collaborators.

Have you used Pinterest to plan a trip? I’d love to see and follow your boards! Please leave the link in a comment below.





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