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Yoga in Tulum Mexico

Looking for Yoga in Tulum? Check out this complete list of every hotel in Tulum offering yoga!

While the idea of a bottomless Margarita sounds like a nice way to kick off a beach escape, lounging around all week in my swimsuit also inspires the need for a little sweat and toning. The answer? Yoga in Tulum Mexico.

Certainly a good run on the beach or a spa treatment can help in this department (the water therapy session at Excellence Riviera Cancun was particularly entertaining, but that’s another story), yoga has always been my go-to wellness activity while traveling.

Void of the daily noise that fills my head when I am at home and consumed with my regular routine, I can go deeper into my yoga practice while traveling. I’m not rushing out of class to get to my next meeting or pick up the kids from school, and it’s a great opportunity to practice with new teachers.


But one thing that drives me crazy, and this usually happens at the large resorts, is the scheduled group yoga class (“Meet by the pool at 9!”) led by one of the activity leaders who really has no place to be teaching yoga.

Tulum, Mexico is a great place to do yoga on the beach for a few days. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I LOVE Tulum with all my heart. Amazing beaches, cool vibe, super easy access from the U.S., easy to get around and a range of accommodation options makes Tulum an all-around great Mexican beach getaway destination.


Boutique hotel Azulik offers individual yoga classes through their Maya Spa. Open to both guests and non-guests of Azulik, prices start at US$14 per class.

Amansala, a wellness-focused beach hotel run by a New York-escapee, has long been the home of yoga in Tulum. I wandered in on a morning beach walk and was surprised to discover an energetic vibe here, strong and powerful women excitedly eating breakfast, refueling after yoga and for the day’s adventure. Forget the typical quiet and serene yoga retreat atmosphere, the energy here, complimented by the bright pink décor, is fantastic.

Ahau Tulum is another great new option on the yoga scene. Like many properties in Tulum, this eco-friendly resort boasts cabanas right on the ocean. They offer daily yoga classes.

Yoga Adventures Tulum organizes a range of activities and tours in the area, and offer a number of retreats by the week, check out the upcoming list here. They also operate the Utopia Guesthouse, which is right on the beach and in classic Tulum style is the perfect combination of minimalism and comfort.

Also, if you would like to practice yoga in Tulum Mexico on your own, you can use their beach-front yoga studio for only $30 for 75 minutes.


Finally, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga is something I’ve always wanted to try! Hoping to get my SUP Yoga on in May when I’m in Tulum. SUP Yoga Tulum offers regular classes (schedule here) for $60 a session.

And if you’re looking for cancun airport transportation down to Tulum, about a two-hour drive, check out Transfers USA. They are super responsive, affordable, have very professional drivers and you can even book right online!

Have you practiced yoga in Tulum Mexico? Tell me about it below!

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