“Cheesy kid-friendy all inclusive resort.”

So I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation I saw on Facebook recently.

Some of my friends are heading to Mexico for a family beach getaway this spring.  Like many travelers, as they started researching travel options they reached out to their Facebook friends for advice.

They made a relatively quick decision and booked the trip. When someone asked what they had settled on, she reported  they had booked a “cheesy kid-friendly all inclusive resort.” She couldn’t even remember the name of it.

Now that’s just sad. I’m sure this isn’t how the resort would describe themselves, and it sounds like my friends aren’t even looking forward to the trip. Isn’t the anticipation as important as the trip itself? But this nameless and faceless destination simply checked the box of being on the beach. They talk about the trip with the same level of anticipation as a trip to the grocery store.

So for those of you like my friends, looking for a kid-friendly place to stay in Mexico, sit tight. I’m pulling this together as we speak. And they will be worthy of your anticipation, I promise:)

Sarah Fazendin Travel Blogger


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